I'm bulletproof
Nothing to lose

i fucking hate how nervous people make me like i can’t even walk down the road without feeling judged and that is just ridiculous 

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If you pull me on your lap there is a 101% chance I’m going to make out with you.

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Breakups suck, you know? You do a lot of soul searching and you do a lot of crying. You try and find the ones that are there for you, but in the end all you really have is yourself.
Finally talked to my grandma about my breakup, and this stuck out the most to me. (via siameasy)
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i have this irrational fear that everyone hates me and everyone who says they like me is lying or is eventually going to hate me or find me annoying 

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Honestly, this is better than a good morning text. It’s 4am and you’re thinking about me.

I’m never not reblogging this because this means so much more than any other post I’ve seen and ugh.



please do yourself a favor and date the biggest fckn nerd u can get ur hands on


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Austin Carlile ~ Of Mice & Men 
July 27, 2014 || Orlando Warped Tour


I love it when I get my friends into the music I like

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A Day To Remember by Steve McClory Photography on Flickr.
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